Mechanical Turk Cost Calculator

Use this calculator to find out how much your job will cost on Amazon's Mechanical Turk. It's based on the Mechanical Turk pricing guidelines. It will tell you if you can save money by changing your job's design.

Number of HITs:

Number of assignments per HIT:

Reward per assignment (in cents):

Number of masters qualifications:

Reward per assignment $0.01
Commission per assignment $0.01
Total cost per assignment $0.01
Total number of assignments 0
Total cost $0.01
The Mechanical Turk commission jumps from 20% to 40% when there are ten or more assignments per HIT.

Consider creating HITs with less than ten assignments. For instance, if a HIT has 12 assignments, break it into two HITs.
The commission on this job would be less than $0.01 per assignment, but the minimum Mechanical Turk assignment commission is $0.01.

Consider combining multiple HITs into one and increasing the reward. For instance, a job with ten HITs at $0.03/HIT costs $0.40, but a job with one HIT at $0.30/HIT costs $0.36.

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